Class 12 is a foundation year for many of the subjects covered in higher classes. It is very a important in the life of all students and also lays the concepts for higher academic years and competitive exams

CBSE Mathematics

Class 12

Full Course in 6 Months

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Rs 3,599/month

CBSE, Maths Olympiad, HOTS, Exemplar

  • Monthly Installments
  • Regular Classes & Homework
  • Online Practice Tests
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Unit Name Teaching Hours Time
Unit 1: Relations and Functions 08 72 Hours *
Unit 2: Algebra 09
Unit 3: Calculus 30
Unit 4: Vectors and 3D Geometry 12
Unit 5: Linear Programming 05
Unit 6: Probability 08
Online Practice Test Questions 2000+ 24 Hours
Practice Homework Questions,
HOTS and Exemplar Questions
Online Practice Tests 14 14 Hours
  • 3 to 5 classes per week including weekly tests and webinar, depending upon availability of days.