Our aim is to enable students to:

Learn better by providing practice questions to address gaps in their current knowledge

Enhance their capability and understanding of core concepts of subject topics

Improve their ability to achieve their educational goals


We provide a high quality of customised coaching to meet the individual learning needs of each student with scope for extension or remedial work as required.

“Success is not attained by chance, learning with passion and diligence from a Guru is the key.”

Concepts + Practice ➨ High Performance


We are a team of highly experienced teachers, with specialities in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Science. We have many years of practical experience delivering excellent results. We believe in small class sizes to effectively deliver our program.

Our methodology is to develop a strong foundation in the core concepts of each subject, reinforced by a consistent approach to learning and revision. Students are regularly tested to ensure comprehension and advancement in their individual subject matter, providing a ‘no surprises’ approach for concerned parents.

If your child wants to succeed and you are looking for an expert coaching, join our live online classes, we can help.

Professor SK Khosla, Chairman

M.A. (English)

Teaching Experience: 54 years

Our mentor Professor Khosla inspired us to start Newton Classes. He has taught English to the students of engineering university - Malaviya National Institute of Technology (formerly known as MREC), Jaipur for more than four decades. He is the chairman of the advisory board of Newton Classes.

Dr Shashi Sharma, PhD

International Consultant (Biosecurity)

Experience: 37 years

Dr Sharma has over 37 years of cumulative experience as international consultant, science and thought leader, author, bureaucrat, policy maker, regulator, volunteer for community programs, strategic planner and academic. Dr Sharma worked with the Government of Western Australia for about 17 years as manager and He served as one of the founder Directors of this centre.In India, he served as Professor and Head of the Division of Nematology at the Indian Agriculture Research Institute in New Delhi. Dr Sharma has first-hand experience of working in many nations across Asia and Africa and in the UK and the USA. Dr Sharma strongly believes in lifelong learning; his educational qualifications include a PhD with international recognition and awards for scientific excellence.

Jaya Khosla, Founder and Director

M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Sc (Science, Maths), B.Ed, M.Ed

Experience: 32 years

Jaya has teaching experience of more than 32 years in schools in India, Australia and New Zealand. She has mainly taught - Chemistry to the senior secondary and college students; Maths and Science to the high school students of public and private schools. She taught Chemistry to year 11 and 12 students in India for 18 years as a school lecturer. She has done Bachelor of Science (Maths, Chemistry and Biology), Master of Science (Chemistry), Bachelor of Education, Master of Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Computers (PGDCA). She is a registered teacher in Australia and the founder and director of Newton Classes.

Nick (Nitin) Newton

M.Phil (Information Technology), M.Tech (Computers), B.Engg (Electronics), Teaching

Experience: 34 years

Nick has more than 34 years of teaching experience in which he taught Information Technology subjects at a reputed engineering University in India as an Asst. Professor for about 15 years. In addition, he taught advanced Maths and Physics to high-school, senior secondary and college students as a tutor for about 17 years. His expertise is in Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Mathematics, Fuzzy Logic, Algorithm Design and modern college Physics. He acquired Master of Philosophy (Artificial Intelligence), Master of Engineering (Computer Technology) and Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degrees. Also, he is a Certified Quality Test Engineer (USA), Certified Project Manager (Australia) and a Quality Lead Assessor (UK). He has written three books in computers and several technical papers.

Mohit Mahna, Chief Marketing Officer

MBA, PG Diploma (Marketing), B.A. (Hons)

Professional Experience: 22 years

Mohit specializes in wealth management, client services and collaboration, global partnerships and brand marketing. He worked as a senior marketing consultant at Prompt Associates (AIDA group of companies) India; Deputy Vice President and Advisor – HDFC Bank; Vice President and Unit Head – CBOP (Wealth Advisory Services), Delhi; Senior Wealth Manager – ICICI Bank, Jaipur and Manager – Marketing and Communications – Hexacom India, Jaipur and Vice President – Business Development and Marketing at Aaress Group of Companies, Mumbai. He loves travelling and listening classical music.